Monday, March 12, 2012

Craft Corners

Have you heard of Craft Corners blog?
It's a blog written by a team of crafty peeps!
It's filled with great ideas in any category you may want-
I start on a topic and then go to another and another and another
soooo much fun info and great ideas
for the crafty type!
Craft Corners Logo

There are many categories under crafts...
jewelry, stitching, scrapbooking, recycling,
 home and garden.
The recycling section includes mosaics, quilts,
 even old game pieces (like dominos)
  repurposed with ink and stamps!

domino game pieces, jumbo sized playing cards

Make your own pearl bracelet..
custom made pearl bracelets

So, when they contacted me about wanting to include me in
Best of the Web- I was thrilled!

They showcased my lampshade redo
(the copycat version of Pier 1's)

Every week, they highlight their favorites.
There are guest blogger's too!
So, stop over and check this out-
there's a little something for everyone!!

Take care, gotta fly-