Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Pinterest Obsession

I don't know who in bloggyville
hasn't heard of Pinterest
and I'm sure most of you have touched it somewhere-

A virtual pinboard
Isn't it fun?!!
What a great way to check out what's new in the world-
from design, arts, home decor, diy crafts,
humor, posters, architecture and so on and on and on-
an example of a virtual pinboard

It's my favorite go to now
love to check it out on my phone
when I'm waiting in line at the post office,
sitting in traffic, doctor's waiting rooms and
you can even check it out in the bathroom!!(lol)
It's my new favorite
 I encourage you to check it out!

Gotta fly-


  1. Hello! I apologize for just now replying, we were out-of-town last week (babysitting our special grandson!)

    Thanks for following me, I followed you too! Your blog is very nice!

    I'm trying not to become addicted to Pinterest!! LOL!


  2. I'm a pinterest junky but not in a bad overly compulsive kinda way :) It's definitely been a major source of inspiration!

    And thanks for stopping in and following. I'm you're newest Linky follower.


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