Friday, February 3, 2012

The never ending scarf

My daughters love scarves
Never a day goes by that they don't wear one
the favorite style for this year is the never ending scarf-
the eternity, infinity scarf
After buying a few-
I looked them over and realized that they'd be a breeze to make...
My problem-
My sewing machine got really stubborn-
so being Handy Mandy-lol
I took pieces apart to get it working-hahhahaha
I then brought it to a repair shop-
no I'm not handy when it comes to appliances!!
So, a week after I had a great idea
I can now begin
 'cuz that Singer baby is purring now!
I bought 2 yards of each pattern-
I tried to find silky with the pattern on both sides-
I was going to give you a step by step tutorial
but why when Lindsay from The Cottage Home
shows you a perfectly simple tute- this is perfect!
thanks Lindsay!!

Here are the finished scarves-for a fraction of the cost

So fun yet so simple!

Take care, gotta fly-Claire
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