Thursday, February 23, 2012

Craftgawker fun!

Another bit'o fun from Craftgawker
Word Cloud Art

Have you seen these word clouds?
Amazingly creative
provides hours of fun
with little or no work at all
-my kind of fun!!!-

Tagxedo is the cool site
-word clouds in style
There are so many variations-
far too many to name
but one thing is for sure
they are personalized to a tee
no two are alike
you can make them as personal as you'd like
A collage of unique and personal words
 all about you or you or you-
I made one for my nephew-
(Happy 6th Birthday Brendan!!)
he's a geography wiz so I knew he'd enjoy his favorites
 all wrapped up in the shape
 of the good 'ole USA!!

Take care, gotta fly-

ps:don't want to leave anyone out-lol Happy Bday to my brother Dennis too!
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