Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yarn balls

I have balls of yarn everywhere
I am crocheting again....
I can't stop-

I gave all my yarn away-
I was done-
no more for me-
After so many blankets, hats and scarves-
I had really had enough..

It lasted a few years
it flirted with me
 again and again and again
I couldn't take it anymore-
scarf after scarf after scarf after hat after scarf.......
the addiction is back and I couldn't be happier!!
I found this pattern on craftgawker
the newest love of mine-
another post altogether!!
I then found LandB yarn co.
and this fab pattern-
spiral scarf
Twinkle Soft Chunky
easy- peasy, lemon- squeezy
2 stitches is all it takes..

Here are a few of mine-
Take care, gotta fly-Claire
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