Monday, January 2, 2012

To Do List

We all make to do lists..

I always have them going-
things I need to get done for the week,
 the day, a holiday, a birthday...

As a new year begins, you have many resolutions

goals for the new year
mine always include
saving money
eating well
exercising body and mind

It all sounds really great
some get done
but I'm not always good with the follow through-

So, this year I am not making a list

I read the book It Works
(It's a remarkably short book,
 which makes me love it even more)

you can find it here on Amazon
the picture will bring you to the site
 that will change your life!
I read it monthly, at least
short, sweet and to the point
No flowery words
Just the facts ma'am!!
(I am not getting compensated for this post)

You live it
You do make a list
but the book tells you
 what you can include..

And it works!!
Just sayin'
So go check it out
It gives you a new lease on life

Positive thinking
that's what its all about-

Take care, gotta fly- Claire

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