Saturday, January 21, 2012

Newbies of the week

Yea-it's that time again-
my favorites of the week-
it's a week filled with newbies-
I'm shocked at how many of you
 have begun the wonderful blogging journey with me-
I wanted to showcase some of you this week
 but I will have many more newbie weekends
because the talent is crazy....

First up is Yari from Antologias del hogar
Look at this beauty-
She picked up this secretary on craigslist
and got some painting techniques
 from one of my fav blogger's Kate-
go check it out!

Next is Maggie from Little Miss Maggie!
This buffet is charming-
the lines, the details
the color,the crystal knobs
aah, what more could a gal wish for-love this!
Head over to Maggie's and say hi..

Another favorite this week is from
 Francine at Skyblupink
She recreated this hutch
 using one of my bff's- burlap
She's got some amazing creations
 over at her lil' ole' blog so go check her out!

Loved these newbies and I know you will too!
Have fun checking these creative ladies out!

Take care, gotta fly-Claire
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