Saturday, January 28, 2012

Favorites of the week!

I'm back....
and the creative juices
 were a-flowin' this week!

First up, check out this
Amanda, from Girl in Pink
created this lovely table
in a beautiful hue of AS chalk paint!
The Paris Grey and white with the dark wax finish
 enhances the carved legs-

Go check out the surprise inside the top drawer!

Rosemary, from Villabarnes
transformed this panel,
with a little paint
swag appliques
and crystal knobs-
with a bit of distressing,
it goes from plain Jane
to fancy Nancy!!
Just one of many amazing projects on this
creative blog!
Lori from Mama with a dash of DIY drama
created this LOVE-ly heart wreath-
She has a great tutorial on the paper roses-
It's time consuming-
(from personal experience)
but worth every minute!
Go check this out-you'll be glad you did!

This bathroom re-do will knock your socks off
 when you see the before and after-
Check out this gorgeous vanity
 by Devin and Brooke, from Start at Home
This newbie blog is amazing-
The transformations will keep you
 going back for more-
so go explore!

Hope you enjoyed the show this week-
Go check out these creative ladies-
you'll be glad you did!
Take care, gotta fly- Claire

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  1. They are all beautiful. I'd love to find a desk like that and transform it!!

  2. Thanks SO much for the feature!!! Love it! - Lori


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