Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday decorating

I love holiday decorating-
the lights, the greenery, the birds..
the cooking
  never my highlight
(eating is a whole other story!!)
the table decorations make my heart all a flutter-
lots of planning goes into my table decor -
even to the placement of the food
not, as I said before, the food itself!!

So, for my recent holiday party, I kept it simple
Cream was my color of choice-
not beige, not white or even linen-
a really rich and creamy cream-
if you know what I mean!

The cloth was cream, the roses were a rich, luxurious cream
even the candlesticks became creamy(although they began a shiny brass-ugh!)
The crystal vase, holding the creamy roses, was the true highlight of the table.
I put the roses in a smaller glass vase inside a larger vase-
I then added fresh cranberries between the layers of the vases-
oo la-loved it! 

 It was in the midst of crystal stars all on a mirrored base-
reflecting into the mirror, the crystal glimmered in the dimly lit chandelier,
that dripped in white berries and miniature crystal balls...

All in all, a lovely sight to behold

Well, take care, gotta fly- Claire
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