Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas trees.....

 is having a big 'ole Christmas tree part-ay!!
I decided to accept her invite
 and show up, maybe a little late..oops

 We bought a new tree this year-
mainly because our 6ft pre-lit tree
lost its lit last year so we were due!
This one is 7 1/2 feet tall-
reason being for getting the bigger tree-
to eliminate other trees and have one main tree-
I love this-it looks sooo real-
 I stuck silver sparkle loopy loops at the top
 which gave it alot of pizazz

Red ribbons are tucked in
 throughout the length of the tree
 This makes it look like a present all wrapped up!!

 The branches are "stuffed" with ornaments
 Mary Engelbreit teapots
 "Keep Calm and carry On" one of my favorite motto's!!
 The wizard of oz pals
 NY taxicab for my daughter who lives there
 A shoe store on our tree for all our daughters!
Patriotic Santas marching to their own beat!
My favorite motto!

 My husband's little golf tree!

Cute little golf ball and tee snowmen
 I made years ago!

My love-
the bird tree
This is up all year-
love the symbolism behind this one..

 The 12 Days of Christmas tree
Each glass ornament showcases one of the 12 days!

Finally, my family tree-always the most special!
Hope you enjoyed the tour of trees this year!

Take care, gotta fly- Claire

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