Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Simplify the holiday

Every year, I get all a twitter about the approaching holiday season
Nothing makes me happier-
All the fun,
 all the family
all the activities,
the traditions,
the joy
 the crazy!!
But, I get tired.
I have to admit
 that I'm not 25 anymore
(I can't believe that either, can you?)
So, this year will be different
All the fun,
the family,
the activities,
 the traditions,
 the joy
 only a little crazy!!

My word for this holiday season is
You heard me right?
I mean it
I will sit more to enjoy more..
No 7 trees will go up this year!
My one tree will be beautiful-
I will decorate the daylights out of it
  and I will Love it!
So you heard it here first
One tree!
There I said it-
Omg and I mean it!
Can't wait to share it-
And I can't wait to sit back
 and enjoy all of yours!
  That's my goal for 2011!

Well, take care, gotta fly- Claire
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