Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goodwill goodies!

I haven't been Goodwill Hunting much these days-
unfortunately, my job gets in the way of my fun! lol!!

But, I did pop in there once last week
and scored some great tchochkes,
so I just had to share!!

 This nativity set is really cool
(if they can be referred to as "cool")
The angels rotate and are musical!
 cobalt lead crystal wine glasses
some Christmas decor

ornate gold shelf
 (fools the eye with plastic curliques!!)
 wire and roses
grapevine star and kitchen chair!
For a grand total of $11.25-can't beat it!
Now, to get to work!!

Take care, gotta fly- Claire
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  1. Wow, super finds. Love the nativity set, and all of your treasures are super. Hugs, Marty


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