Monday, October 17, 2011

Doors to shutters

Last year,
 I board and battened
 up my front hallway-

There were louver doors in that hallway,
 stained a dark wood color-
they didn't match the new look-

( didn't take pics of them
while they were still hanging in the hall)

I took them down
and they've been in the garage for months
waiting for me to make a decision
These were my choices......
#1. paint them the same color as the new hallway
#2. put them in the basement and forget about them for years
#3. donate them to goodwill

Guess what-

I picked #4-
wasn't even in the running-lol!

I got out my old reliable,
 my bff Krylon
in black semi gloss
and painted the daylights out of them!

They are now black-
they are now on the outside of my house-
they are shutters on the sides of my garage doors-

I even painted the downspout so it blended in with the shutter!
(see left hand side of picture above-)

Have you ever heard of anything sillier?

Well, I gotta say I LOVE it!!!

What do you think?
Aren't they cute?

The finishing touch to the garage!!

You never know what crazy things I can think up-
but hopefully I'll keep you surprised and chuckling!

Well, take care- gotta fly-Claire


Thanks for your kind comments-love to hear from you!