Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who's In The Doghouse?

Years ago, my husband's parents bought us a doghouse-
we did have a dog-
Phoebee was a Brittany Spaniel-
a wonderful dog, who gave us the best 14 years of her life-

After she was gone, the doghouse got pushed aside and forgotten-

Until this summer,
having 1 year old puppies revitalized our back yard-

I thought it was time to bring the doghouse back to life-

Stain or paint was the question-
and I bet you know the answer!!
My bff-  spray paint!

We chose a beautiful shade of aqua-
My daughter, Cait, the one who goes to tag sales with me, took the can in her hand
and did the deed- doesn't it look like the cheeriest pup palace you ever did see!!?!

Plus, we added a welcome sign to it too! 
Ever house needs a welcome mat and this sign
lets you know who the homeowners are!!

The pups don't know what to make of it-
They circle and sniff it but have not entered the threshold- haha!

Oh well, at least it looks adorable!

Take care, gotta fly- Claire

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