Friday, August 26, 2011


We are in for quite a storm this week and all my little
spray paint projects either need to get done today or 
back into the garage they go :(
This weekend my youngest goes back to college-
she's doing the happy dance for sure!!

Of course, we move her in Sunday,
the day when the biggest storm this summer blows through, literally-yuck!!!!!!!!!

And, next week, my fair ladies, I go back to school-
I've had a ball this summer-
my blog has kept me in the loop-
your creativity
has inspired me on a daily basis-
and I've had the chance to meet so many more of my bloggy friends
in cybersphere-
not that I'm leaving but for a good portion of the week,
I'll have to actually leave my house-wahhh-lol

So, have a wonderful weekend,
be safe if you're in the path of this darn storm
 and I'll see you next week!

Take care, gotta fly, Claire


  1. I hope you can stay dry - esp when moving your daughter back to college.

  2. It's always so hard to go back to school after a wonderful summer. Sad to see my boys go back! Hope you are staying safe and dry in the storm.


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