Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Harp table's little sister

I was standing in the GW outlet the other day
and a woman came in with two small tables she was donating-
 She told me the larger one was the better of the two-

I, of course, took the smaller one!
For $1.99-

It was scruffy but it had a nice shape -
the top of it was a tray top-

When I got it home,  I realized it was a fabulous match
to the harp table I showed you last week, minus the harps-

So, it had to be painted in black too!

Look at them together-
aren't they a cute pair?

The tray top on both makes them a sweet pair-
although mosaic is dancing in my head
so I may add something to this little sis!

Take care, gotta fly - Claire


  1. What cute little tables, Claire. You sure are good at getting your projects done quickly!

  2. They are a cute pair. Very refreshing to see classic black. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your compliments.


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