Friday, July 22, 2011

Wedgewood Lookalike

Wedgewood is one of my favorite kinds of China -
When my girls were little, they received many pieces of the Peter Rabbit collection-
bowls, cups, banks and clocks-
Adorable keepsakes they will have for their own children...someday!
Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Original  2-Piece Set (Bowl, Mug)
My all time favorite Wedgewood is

Wedgwood Offerings to Apollo Goblet
Jasper Classic white on light blue!

This is also a beauty
Wedgwood Prestige Vase 26
It's called the Wedgewood Prestige Vase and I'm eyeing this for a future project-

Anyways, I found this ceramic stone pot for $.49- it was fine- but you know me-
Change it up -
I also found this foam cone topiary
I know, I know- the answer is yes- I found it at GW too!
I started cutting out circle and flower shapes from white felt,
pinching it in the middle and hot gluing it to the topiary form-

After covering the topiary with white felt flufflets,
I covered the stem with rope and continued down to the base of the topiary-
I made circles on the base with the string too-

Finally, I painted the pot wedgewood blue with white accents-
somewhat of a blue jasper copy cat, look alike but not really pot!!

Cute, huh?

Well, take care, gotta fly-Claire

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