Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fabulous and Quick Decorating Ideas

For years I got my pages in the mail monthly-
but with all the mags I now love,
 it's easier to read them online sometimes,
 although I do love the feel of the pages
and falling asleep with the mag on my chest!

This month, there's a section on quick decorating-it should have read-
Claire-this is for you and about you!! lol
Blue dining room
Check out this fancy smancy wainscoating! 
It is sold in panels at the home improvement centers

I would not have chosen bright blue as my wall color
 but I'm sure that's to show the intricacy of the design.

Wallpapering the inside of a bookcase adds a custom feel with alot of pizazz!
reading nook

This desk is restyled with some punch-
scrapbook papers are ideal to change up the feel whenever the mood strikes-
Vanity turned desk

I adore the toile-
I use it throughout my house in different ways-
I haven't tried this yet but never say never!!

shells on wallpapered dresser
So go on and check out this month's Better Homes and Garden magazine-
you won't be disappointed!
Well, gotta fly-Claire

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  1. I love BHG too...but I have to admit, I still love holding the magazine in my hands and folding down the corners of the pages that I like :) Laurel


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