Friday, July 8, 2011

Cheapie side table

Lookie, lookie
look what I found at Club GW-

This little table was looking all depressed and forlorn
old  and ruffed up
not pretty to look at
nor delightful to hold-
 Enough already, right??

So, I bought it- at $4.99, I had nothing to lose
but $4.99-

I primed it with kilz spray
and then applied cream paint
to cover the ugliness-
I sprayed the hardware using Krylon metallic bronze-

It looks sooooooo pretty now-
all cleaned up and ready to go-
I gave it a light rubbed over with some stain
and wiped it almost clean-

With a few added accessories,
it looks like it always belonged here!!
Well, gotta fly-Claire

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