Thursday, June 30, 2011

A house is a home when you make it your own..............

The Goodwill Outlet-
it's basically a huge room
I'm not a seasoned diver
and I never will be but
on occasion I have been known to grab a few bargains-

Take this for instance-

A dollhouse
An assembled one at that-

Years ago, I built one for my oldest daughter-
I think it took me a good month just to glue together-
Then I painted and wallpapered contact paper-
I bought some furniture for it-
My daughter loved it but
 her friend's plastic fisher-price house had more appeal-
So, I learned from that attempt
and my other girls got fisher-price houses-

Sorry for that segue,
 but I couldn't pass this up
brought back such memories-
For $15, I can make another little girls heart go pitter patter-
until the gleam in her eye focuses on the Playmobile modern house-

oh well, it's mine for now!!

Well, gotta fly-Claire
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