Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Butterflies are free

The butterfly is...

 a universal symbol of change,
young love and the soul.

Have you noticed how butterflies
 are entering our homes now?

It's seen everywhere,
from frames to wallpaper,
from dishware to pillows-
artwork to napkin rings-
Sketched Wings Shade               
lamps at anthropologie

Butterfly Embroidered Calligraphy Pillow Cover, 20"                
pillows at pottery barn

Product Image
Butterfly Art - Target

Open your eyes to the flora and fauna
that surrounds us and bring the beauty of  nature indoors - 
to transform your surroundings! 

Sometimes the butterflies land on you, just to keep you remembering......

Gotta fly-Claire


  1. love the cushion from pottery barn & the cute napkins

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Claire. Love you.


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