Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break breaks

I was so looking forward to spring break-
with my kids grown it was going to be a week of fun
 and games and crafts and blogging....
I went into the weekend with a slight ache in my jaw
 that I attributed to a good 'ole sinus infection-

I decided to try my chiropractor because friends swear by the results they get-
Monday was the chiropractor-
during the lovely Seder dinner my sister hosted for her husband, that night-
the swelling increased-
I was looking like a lopsided chipmunk-
Unfortunately, the swelling continued and nothing over the counter was touching the pain-
Sadly, I landed myself in the ER, much to my horror-
After blood work, ct scan and lots of pain meds in an IV-
I was diagnosed with a salivary gland infection-
 I was sent home with antibiotics and pain killers
YEA-I was gonna be better- they also told me to see an ENT specialist the next day
-should that have been the giveaway that all was not right with my swollen "big" jaw-

My daughter was a godsend-
she busily made the appointments, and drove me to all of them-
putting her classes and work on hold to take care of me-

The ENT specialist took one look at the ct scan and blood results and said the problem is in your teeth-
make an appt with your dentist-ASAP-I didn't know if this was possible-
not to be melodramatic but I was weak, in pain and wanted to crawl in a hole-
My amazing daughter made the appt. for that afternoon, helped me there, did all the talking-
After many x-rays- A fractured molar was located  in the back of my lower jaw
ALLELUIA-an answer had possibly been found-
the oral surgeon happened to be there and within a 1/2hour, the tooth was pulled-
The swelling and pain are still there but it has certainly lessened, a great deal-
For me to be able to sit and write this- is a miracle-
So I may not be blogging regularly for the rest of this week while I recover-
but I want to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season!
Take care- gotta fly Claire


  1. Hope you feel better soon!
    have a blessed Easter,

  2. Oh, man! What an ordeal! Glad they yanked it and you feel better! :)

    Visiting from Southern Home Sweet Home!

    You can come visit me too if you'd like :)

  3. Goodness!!! Glad you are now on the mend! Have a great holiday!

  4. what a mess! hope you're feeling better!


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