Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Egg Embellishments

There are so many "egg"ceptional ideas in bloggyville-
The Easter crafts have been so creative-
I bought a cheap bag of plastic eggs with no ideas-
Puffy paint came to mind on a stroll through JoAnn's-
Lots of dots and stripes-
so far, this is what it looks like-
Next, the spray paint all over the eggs and puff paint
Trying to eliminate the pastels-
going with a tone on tone look!

A styrofoam ball became the base and I started to glue

So far, so good!
Now, to fill in the empty spots
 where the ugly syrofoam peaks through-
instead of the usual filler I use-
I spyed some shredded paper used in gift baskets and bags
It was cream colored so it coordinated well with the eggs!
Here is the final product-

I love it-
The monochromatic coloration is exactly what I was looking for-lol
sounds like I'm creating a richly enveloped room
with the same colors but different textures-haha
It's plastic eggs-people!!!!!!!!

What do you think? 
Was it worth the # of steps?
My only problem was the spray paint-
I didn't use my old standby Krylon or even Rustoleum
I used Design Master Vanilla-only for the perfect cream color
but it's mainly used for dry florals- silly me-
what was I thinking (the problem-I wasn't thinking!!)
It had a hard time staying on the plastic eggs-
Krylon, for plastic, in white,
 would have made it much simpler therefore, quicker!

Well, take care
Gotta fly- Claire

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