Friday, March 4, 2011

Ruffles and Toile-oo la la!

Ruffles and Toile-
what's not to like?

Last week, I showed you the pillows
I purchased at the Christmas Tree Shop.

I decided they needed a friend.

My toile stash was calling out to me
"Make me ruffles"!
So, what's a gal to do-
start ruffling to my hearts content.
Easy peasy ladies!

Although, I have directions for the pillow,
 I think the pictures are simple enough to understand too. 
 It's certainly not formal even with the toile
and by adding the outside ruffle-

I have two different looks with the flip of the pillow-
sometimes the best laid plans don't work out like you think-
only better!
So,  I've added this pillow to the two I bought and I think they look scrumptious!
Well, take care, gotta fly-Claire
**Wow, thanks for the feature today over at
Extreme Personal Measures - I'm so honored!**

**directions follow**
*Cut strips of fabric
*Stitch a straight line
from top to bottom(using loosest stitch size)
*Take one thread and slowly pull it little by little
 and the fabric will begin to ruffle-
you help it along pushing the fabric closer together.
*As the fabric begins bunching into ruffle shape, it will also curl on its own.
*Start in the middle of the pillow and start to pin in in circular motions
until you have the size ruffle circle you want.
*At this point you can stitch it by hand or
 use the machine to attach it to the pillow side.
** I decided at that point to add a ruffle to the edges-
but sometime things don't turn out exactly how you envision it-
I  attached it to the backside of the piloow-
when I turned it to the right side-theruffle looked perfect on the back of the pillow-
but- it showed the backside of the toile for the front of the pillow-
but, it only makes it more shabby chic than just plain chic, so I'll go with it!
*I like to put right sides together and stitch around the edges,
 leaving about a 2 inch opening.
*Then, I stuff the daylights out of it!!lol
*Stitch the last 2 inches by hand and you've got a fancy, dancy pillow!!

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