Saturday, March 19, 2011

Goodwill Hunting-1

Well, we all like to score a good find
at one of my favorite places-
Goodwill, Helping Hands, Thrift stores,
the bottom line is
you need imagination and creativity!
it needs to be a great deal
but it needs to really stand out-
because there are good deals, cheap things,
at all those places- but whatever it is-
it needs to speak to you!
I never go with any expectations other than with my fingers crossed-

Lately, I've been looking for baskets and containers-
I'll be cleaning up a space for crafting and
 want it to coordinate-
None of the baskets match but with a quick little spray
they will all go together like pb and j!
    The best part is the grand total in dollars spent was $13-
            So, remember to keep your options open when your thrifting
and have fun!! Gotta fly- Claire          
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