Monday, March 7, 2011

Coffee Table

Goodwill is one of my favorite haunts.
Sometimes, you can find a thing or two
 to paint or revamp.
Sometimes, you find nothing.
But, the thrill of the hunt is always there!!

Lookie, lookie- this is the gem I found the other day-
thought it was another one of those no-nothin' days,
 but as I was exiting the store,
 I spotted something out of the corner of my eye!

It was this beauty
Look at it-
the lines,
the details
the legs-
oh my!!

But, although it's lovely-
it needs a new look!
I'm not sure what to do-
Any suggestions?

What would you do with this pretty?

Well, gotta fly-Claire

ps-forgot to mention the best part-
it was $14.99!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Paint it white and make it look antiqued! That is my vote!! Love the table!


  2. I heart this coffee table! You scored well on this, my friend.

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  3. i would paint it and do alot of distressing...
    p.s. im following you back

  4. Wow!! What an awesome find! I would buy that even though I don't need another coffee table. Thanks for visiting my blog too. Following you back! Rebecca


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