Monday, February 28, 2011

Painting Palooza

I have been painting like it's my job-
well, technically,
I guess it is-lol!

Anywhoooo, I painted my staircase walls,
 then on to the upstairs hallway-
 2 coats mind you-
I used Behr's new paint plus primer combo -

It's my new fav !

Then, I kept going.
I moved into my tiny vestibule that was stenciled with stars from many moons ago-
It wasn't that I hated it, just so tired
of looking at it these past 12 years-
it had to go too!

I have a beautiful fresh and clean slate to work with.
Some may call it boring, but I call it heaven!
A brand new breath of fresh air-just in time for spring!
I have many moulding ideas swimming in my head
but, for now,
I'm just going to love my dreamy, creamy walls!
Well,take care,
 gotta fly- Claire
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  1. Oh I just love newly painted rooms - it's like a blank canvas and it leads to new decorations!

  2. Love the colors you chose. Paint really is a true miracle worker, isn't it.


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