Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Staircase re-do

        I do not have an elegant staircase.  It's abit narrow and quite dark.  The color was too muddy although it was from the cheap "oops" paint at the depot.  About 10 years ago, I decided to fill it with family photos.  I loved the look.  I had a ton of frames and sprayed them all black.  I then spent a few weekends scanning photos and printing them out in black and white.  I loved looking at the photos when I 'd run up and down the staircase.  As you enter my house, there is a tiny vestibule that leads directly into a horizontal hallway.  The staircase is also horizontal to the hallway so when you stop as you enter, you have a great view of a good majority of the pics!
     Fast forward -10YEARS- the last photo I framed was of my nephew.  He turned 10 in November.  You might ask, so what's wrong with that?  Well, nothing, except that since then, I have been lucky enough to have 4 more nephews and 3 more nieces.  Life gets busy but come on!!  So, I've decided I need a change.
     I'm heading back to the depot and I'll give you a hint.  When it's done, I'm hoping for a big bright  new look!! Haha-not quite the Wikipedia pictured here but.....
Spiral (double helix) stairs of the Vatican Mu...Image via Wikipedia

                      More like this staircase with the great mouldings!
This is my inspiration pics from DecorChick blog!  Mine will never be this intricate and involved because it will only be me working on this project.  Also, her staircase is wider and more open- let's face it- I want it to look like this-if it gets to resemble this from a far away distance -I'll be very happy!! So, I'm off and hope for some more snow days in the next few weeks so I can get a move on this project!! Gotta fly-Claire

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