Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blogging Rules For Me To Live By

Happy New Year to one and all!! So, the new year is upon us and what better time to set up some goals and resolutions for 2011!  These are my Bless My Nest goals, not quite the personal -aka- "diet" goals-that's for another day-lol!!

My Blogging New Years Resolutions

Be a better blogger by commenting on the blogs I visit.
Linking up to more parties.
Getting to know more bloggers.
Becoming more computer saavy where my blog is concerned.
Organize my blog like a grown up.
Learn all about advertising.
Find some blog sponsors.
Get more involved with SITS and the Hive.
Learn from examples.
Try to post at least 3x a week.
Do more giveaways.
Increase my viewers?!?
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  1. Helen-thanks so much for the kind award-what a nice surprise to begin the new year with!!

  2. I love your bloggy resolutions! I am wanting to improve my blog this year as well. I have much to learn! What is the Hive?


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