Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The cricut has landed!


I feel as though I have finally arrived in the craft world of 2010 with my brand spanking new CricutExpression tool-oh what was that? There are only 2 days left of 2010 you say! Wow-am I that behind in my creations-I'd better hurry and get going, Huh!??
Oh the things I can make, the things I will do,
 If only I had gotten it in blue
The crafts I will cut
when I'm in a rut
the words I will spell
and then show and tell
How happy I am
oh yes sir ee ma'am
I will craft so much
I may even miss lunch(I doubt!)
But you can be rest assured
I will cut out a bird
for Bless My Nest
will never take a rest
so off I go to create
I know I am late
But I will do my best
to keep up with the rest
My cricut expression tool
makes me want to rule and drool!
So, off I will go
running to and fro,
cutting,crafting, cutting some more
I am so happy 'cuz oh I did score!
I got my new toy to play
so I'm here to stay
come back very soon
(much later than noon)
all the ideas and the fun
I may have to run
but have no fear dear
I am in a new career!!!

(you can tell I work with 1st graders!!!!)

Gotta fly-Claire
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  1. You will love your Cricut you can do so much with it...Have fun..I am your newest follower..

  2. Ah-maz-ing, Claire! I can't wait to see all of the things you are able to do with your Circut - Lucky girl!

  3. I love my Cricut, wouldn't be without it x


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