Friday, October 15, 2010

Burlap "BEE" Runner

Burlap is a newfound love-you know, that itchy rough scratchy fabric!  But that texture is what does it for me!  The natural fibers create a warm, cozy feel.  My first forray using burlap was for decorative pillows.  Now, I"ve moved on to a table runner-I've been hesitating  but I think if I say it outloud in the blogosphere world, there's no turning back-I'm committed!  I used the same bee transfers I got for my pillows and trimmed the runner with leftover fabric from my drapes.  I love the way the bee transferred ever so lightly-it almost looks like it's part of the burlap! So, here it is, cute, huh?  Love the look- kind of natural and easy with the formal toile fabric-It's a nice combo-kind of like the style in my home!  Well, gotta fly- Claire