Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beautifying a Bookcase

Have you ever bought a bookcase because it was el cheapo?  Long before Ikea came into the picture, there was a store called Bradlees.  You could load up a huge box for $69, bring it home, assemble and voila, a bookcase.  Decent looking, except it happens to have a cardboard back. It lived a nice little life in the corner of my living room for the past 15 years back, filled with books and pictures.  But, I decided it was time to give it a proper backbone!

  A trip to Home Depot was in order! I'm not a power tool diva at all so I wanted something that looked good, and was sturdy.  I got a sheet of 1/4" plywood and had them cut the back for the bookcase. I toyed with paint, painted bead board, scrapbook paper, mirror tiles and sheets of vinyl looking tiles. 
I chose mirrors.  But, being the instant gratification person I am, I purchased two full length beveled door mirrors.  Glued them to the plywood with mastic adhesive for mirrors, and set it to dry for about 6 hours.  I nailed the plywood back to the bookcase.  Substantial is a great word to describe this bookcase and very, very heavy is how hub described it!
I forgot to mention the great part.  I also attached little white Christmas lights to the top of each shelf.. All of my fab tchochkes can be displayed as well as enjoyed by me.  Well, hope you enjoyed this-Take care-Gotta fly- Claire

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