Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monogram Mania!

You know me-I can't get enough of monograms and harlequin patterns , so I combined the two for a dream come true! (Soo corny, I know, sorry- couldn't resist!)  Last summer, I picked up two of these wooden plaques.  They were lavender with the initial's L and M which mean little to me but the main reason I scooped them up was the shape and most importantly, they were each.70 cents-that's right not 7 dollars but 70 cents!!  I gave them a quick spray, cut out a big fat R from my fave scrapbook paper. Again, that cost me a whopping .59 cents! Umm, do we see a pattern, everything under a dollar-gotta love it!  A quick stick with some modge podge and it looked great!  I also happened to have some cute little ribbon I picked up at the Christmas Tree Shop-embossed with fleur de lis- a 10 yard roll for 1.99- So I stapled a bit of ribbon to the back, hung it on a nail and voila! Just what the front hall needed!! (And to boot, all for under $4!!) Don't you agree?      
       Another quick little project that only takes a few minutes-scrapbook paper inside a frame (toile, of course!)-simple right? A wooden initial painted and a few stickies later - a pretty monogram "on" a frame!! These are cute, cheap and quick! What more could a girl ask for?!!!!! Well, Gotta fly- Claire
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