Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ugly ugly ugly doors

So a  few posts back I talked about molding.  I love me some molding.  I board and battened(?) my front hallway and absolutely love it.  It has lightened and brightened my entry and makes me happy and lighthearted as I enter and exit!  But, it's not enough.  I have UGLY doors  throughout my house.  The typical cheapo hollow doors builder's used back in the 60's.  Stained dark brown and hollow-ping ding -hate them.  So, I went to the depot to buy more molding-the picture frame type, little and delicate.  I want doors that look like they have substance instead of pingy-dingy!  I measured and cut with the big ole' saw in the basement but no matter what I did, no two corners matched up.I really think the saw was too powerful for this molding but I kept trying but to no avail.  I was sooo disappointed. What was I gonna do? I looked around my house and started looking at frames.  All the frame corners met perfectly.  So I collected a bunch, took them outside, and spray painted them until my finger was so pinched it was stuck! But, guess what?  I got some perfect looking picture framed box molding and I gorilla glued it to those UGLY doors.   I painted the molding and the door and I love them!!!!!  I felt like the Sandra Lee of home decor!!  If you can't make it from scratch-improvise!! Take care-Gotta fly! Claire
Molding cut over and over

and never was quite right!
2 doors+4 frames=LOVE


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